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Bauer Surfboards

The Spicoli

The Spicoli

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The Spicoli Pro and The Spicoli Hull are some of the longest-running rack models that Bauer has produced, thanks to Urban Surf and its team coming up with the name for the shape when we didn't even know what to call it. 

But they hung it on the rack and it quickly became one of Bauer's best-sellers. 

A go-fast, early entry, groovy turning, wave machine. Depending on the size, expect the board to do best in chest to well above overhead surf.

The Spicoli Pro (size shown - 7'6" x 21 3/4" x 3", blue) is twin-set with a single fin option, and the Spicoli Hull (size shown - 7'8" x 22" x 3 1/8", whiskey) is a classic 2+1. 

Logo designed by Cold Water Consulting PNW


: All stock & used board sales are final!

: Please make sure to read our refund policy before purchasing a custom board!

: Fins, wetsuits, and other gear - returns up to 30 days, tags/receipts, and unused.

: If you think the wetsuit has a manufacturer's defect, please bring it back with tags/receipts and we will see if a swap is possible. Shipping costs for returns will be paid by the customer.

Care Instructions

Fins: Grind them down to the bone, but repair dings if you have a center core (like bamboo or balsa).

Wetsuits: You wear them, you buy them. If you pee in your wetsuit, give it a freshwater rinse when you get home. Even if you don't pee in your wetsuit, give it a freshwater rinse when you get home. Dry out of direct sunlight and NOT on the hood of your car. Extreme heat/sun/salt/pee combo will break a suit down super quickly.

Boards: Rewax often, give it freshwater showers, FIX YOUR DINGS immediately, and don't bake it in the sun on the beach. Shred and be happy.

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