Become a Retailer

Step One

Are you a dope surf shop that wants to sell Bauer Surfboards?

Please complete the following forms:

After you have been approved, we will send you an email with pricing information and your 50% discount codes for checkout!

Step Two

- *Wholesale is calculated at $47.50/6"

- MSRP is +25% sale cost (including add-ons)

- Costs for add-ons are listed where appropriate

- 3 board minimum, otherwise payment is required in full (discount code won't work)

- 10+ board orders are discounted 10%

- Terms are 50/50. Final payment is due upon completion.

- Delivery charges may apply

(we will send an itemized invoice with wholesale and MSRP costs after the order is placed)

*Some models are priced at $50/6" due to specialty blanks needed for the shape (ex: The Toboggan Glider)