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Bauer Surfboards

The Fried Egg

The Fried Egg

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"This is your brain on a wave"

This classic speed egg follows many of the same contours as The Rock Fish, but will crack a wave wide open if you decide to stomp a turn. Subtle entry rocker with a healthy nose and some dialed rails, this board will scramble your brain. 

Good for beginners to experts, and literal buckets of fun.

*Shown Here: 6'8" x 22" x 3"  

Logo designed by Cold Water Consulting PNW


: All stock & used board sales are final!

: Please make sure to read our refund policy before purchasing a custom board!

: Fins, wetsuits, and other gear - returns up to 30 days, tags/receipts, and unused.

: If you think the wetsuit has a manufacturer's defect, please bring it back with tags/receipts and we will see if a swap is possible. Shipping costs for returns will be paid by the customer.

Care Instructions

Fins: Grind them down to the bone, but repair dings if you have a center core (like bamboo or balsa).

Wetsuits: You wear them, you buy them. If you pee in your wetsuit, give it a freshwater rinse when you get home. Even if you don't pee in your wetsuit, give it a freshwater rinse when you get home. Dry out of direct sunlight and NOT on the hood of your car. Extreme heat/sun/salt/pee combo will break a suit down super quickly.

Boards: Rewax often, give it freshwater showers, FIX YOUR DINGS immediately, and don't bake it in the sun on the beach. Shred and be happy.

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